Requirements for online presentations


The following steps should be taken to participate in the congress.

1-) In order to be able to upload your study to the system, forms which are in the Full Text Submission page or Abstract Submission page must be filled in. Make sure that your study is in the sample format provided in the Writing Rules page. Don’t forget to get plagiarism report of your study.

2-) Send your study after filling out the form. After the form submission has been made, the green coloured information message which is include the form has been sent will shown on the page. Your study could not be sent if this post did not appear. If that happens please make contact to us via whatsapp or e-mail.

3-) Then our referee committees examine your study. If they accept your study, the information about the approval of your study will be inform to you by e-mail.

4-) After receiving the approval information, you must pay the registration fee. You can pay the registration fee until the date specified on the Important Dates page.

5-) After paying the registration fee, you must send us the receipt and other information requested. This process will be done from the Send Receipt page on the site.

6-) After sending your receipt, your acceptance certificate will be prepared as soon as possible and will be sent to you by e-mail.

7-) After this stage, you must present your presentation on the day and hour specified in the congress program. Our congress will be held virtual/online. Online presentations will be held with the Zoom program. Only operators and presenters will participate in the halls via Zoom (to avoid overloading on the internet). These presentations will be broadcast live on YouTube at the same time. The other partipiciants who want to participate in the presentations can participate in the presentations on youtube. Zoom session link, youtube session links will be sent to you via whatsapp which is known as a mobile phone application. For this reason, do not forget to write your mobile phone number during registration. Your mobile phone numbers and other personal information will not be shared with any institutions and organizations.